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  Lawrence R. Moter, Jr.
  Chapter Manger
  Atlantic Coast Chapter,
  2510 Grenoble Rd
  Richmond, VA 23294
  Phone: (804) 672-2234
  Fax: (804) 672-2135

  Jason J. Schumm
  Assistant Chapter Manager
  Atlantic Coast Chapter,
  8116 South Tryon Street
  Suite B-3 # 238
  Charlotte, NC 28273
  Phone: (804) 929-8304
  E-Mail: jschumm.accneca@gmail.com


Labor-Management Cooperation Committee

Central Virginia Electrical Team – LMCC: www.electrical-team.com/

LMCC Chairmen
Lawrence R. Moter, Jr.
Atlantic Coast Chapter, NECA
2510 Grenoble Road
Richmond, VA 23294
Phone: 804-672-2234
James H. Underwood
IBEW LU 666 Business Manager
P. O. Box 467
Sandston, VA 23150
Phone: 804-353-9666